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Hi person! My name is Jem, the blogger here at Graceboat, who is glad you decided to stop by.
I'm a college student currently trying to figure the jumbled mess of life, but taking time to notice the small things that make it beautiful. There not too many hobbies that consume my time as there used to be, but I do fancy drawing, writing (of course), nature walks, photography, and making visual novels. I'm also on a life-long journey to follow Jesus and his teachings, hopefully bringing other aboard his grace boat.

Writing is something that has really grown on me in the past couple of years and I've bounced around the idea of creating a blog before actually making one. This is my third one, but probably my favourite. 

Here are a couple of fun facts you might not have guessed about me:
– i love using em dashes when I can
– currently loving Once Upon a Time and Parks and Recreation
– my least favourite word to spell is "definitely" 
– it's a fight between aquamarine and burnt orange for my favourite colour
– i will take up anyone on an offer to play beach volleyball

I'm bound for great destinations, through the roughest storms, with Him as my guide

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