You Are Loved

29 August 2017

In the midst of trials and struggles,
When you feel no peace,
All while drowning in guilt,
You are loved.

When worries still persist,
Anger anchors deep,
And walls are built,
You are loved.

In sickness,
An injured heart,
A recouperating soul,
You are loved.

By the Most High, you are a child of the One True King.
With peace, stillness, and healing,
you are truly loved.

When You Feel Uninspired

23 August 2017

The lack of being inspired and not feeling motivated to creative things as a creative-person can be really frustrating. You are either sitting at a desk tapping your pencil on your paper with everything but the imaginative process of what to draw next, or staring at a screen stuck in a writer's block. I feel like it's an experience people who don't consider themselves artsy can even relate.

I know it's a big struggle for me during certain seasons, leaving me feeling stuck. But at the same time, it can be a humbling period of time.

I've been learning that during the times I feel like I'm lacking in skill and the desire to create, it's in those gaps of time, when I should instead reflect back to the source of all creativity and the beauty of inspiration: God, The Maker.

Out of gladness and joy, I give praise to my Creator who has given us the ability to create, especially as I sometimes take it granted. Being able to show inspiration from Him in so many different medias (photography, drawing, lettering, painting).

So next time, you suddenly feel an overflow of ideas, be full of joy trying to write down all the rush of ideas that your mind won't be able to contain into the next hour. And give Him praise, for the gift to create!

What are some ways you give praise to your creator?

Twenty Blessings

16 August 2017

Even though it's been almost two months since it was my 20th birthday (lol), I thought it would be nice to still carry on this tradition of two years. Turning 20 was bittersweet, but there are at least twenty things I can view a blessings for living on the earth for this long. Read up on my eighteenth birthday and nineteenth birthday blessings.

  1. Growing everyday,
  2. Learning different things
  3. Taking on new responsibilities.
It's a large part of growing up, that I'm only beginning to understand and starting to appreciate. Not that it will be easy or everything will run smoothly, but it will be worth it later or to someone else I may help one day.

  1. Never letting go of my childlike heart: I don't think I'll ever stop watching "kids" movies and loving on my stuffed friends/animals.
  2. Being able to travel to new destinations with friends
  3. Opportunities to share the gospel
It's really cool that these two things tie together during retreats during the school year.

  1. Two words: mug cakes. When you need a quick pick-me-up or you want to give yourself a mini-pat on the back for making in through a long work day.
  2. Building pillow and blanket forts any day, all day
  3. Photos

  1. Being connected to fellowship groups with people my age, at church and college
  2. Having someone wiser in my life discipling me
Which, I believe, is important to be helped and help one another in their walk (Prov. 17:17)

  1. A core group of gals to share laughs and struggles with
  2. Making it through college without loans

  1. Being able to blog for fun! :)
  2. Using art in different ways and to bless others
I'm excited to see how these develop over many more years

  1. Family, in good times and bad
  2. Different seasons and the beauty found in each (especially Fall)
  3. Starting afresh every new day
  4. Rainy afternoons to snuggle in a blanket and drink warm tea
  5. Jesus, as my Rock, Savior, and my God 💖

What are you thankful for this year as a ___ year old?

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