Searching for Neverland

27 February 2017

Peter Pan has to be one of my top favorite Disney movies as a kid, and even still to this day. Flying away to an adventurous, far-away land, taking fun journeys with Peter and lost boys, and dueling pirates is something I wouldn't mind doing everyday. Plus, I never have to grow up–no calling in my own doctor's appointments or dealing with Fafsa! (Yay!)

The same comfortable cycle everyday and no growing up–it's too perfect, right?

I honestly wished that Neverland was a real place for a long time. Every year I was dreaded gaining another year, because I'd be closer to being too old to  fly away. Of course, I eventually got over this thought (once I hit 18) but found myself holding onto something else I didn't quite expect: the fear of change

Nothing really changes in Neverland, which was comforting in comparison to the world we live in. Everything is always moving, whether too fast or slow, but never standing still. If I would take too long of a second to pause and think, I felt like I had to chase after the lost time.

Changing, for me,  isn't easy. With change comes pruning, which can be painful and uncomfortable. But I'm learning that change is inevitable and also good.

If it weren't for change...

I wouldn't be in a much happier major choice
I wouldn't have the most amazing group of friends in college now
I would still be fearful to try new things
I wouldn't have traveled off to some far places
I wouldn't have seen God the great things He has done in my life so far
I wouldn't grow, but wither

So because of change...

I am happy with the track I am in at college, and should be afraid if my interests change
I have a amazing support of friends who I am encouraged by and who I can encourage
Trying new things is more exciting than scary to me
I've been able to see more beautiful places and people God created
I will continue to trust God more
I will thrive, and not fade away

– Jem

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