11 November 2016

Sometimes in the midst of life, we forget and lose track of everything going on around us. When school, social life, and etcetera all feel balanced, we feel like we've got in on our own. That I'm doing everything right, and nothing could go wrong. But––that feeling can change quickly when things don't go according to our plans. Everything seems like it's falling apart and out of control. Like everything we've built ourselves up in comfortably is suddenly being threatened or knocked over.

Is it really though?

It may truly feel that way for you, but then I'd ask one question: what have you built yourself on? If you have placed all your hopes into something that isn't perfect and constant, I can understand why you have feelings of frustration. It's true that life won't always go as planned, and that people including ourselves will fail to meet what we expected. 

The good thing is, the story doesn't end there and we have a greater hope in one who is perfect and constant. And I hope in these times of confusion or uncertainty, we can always remember that Jesus is sovereign throughout our highest points and lows.


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