What to Pack for College + Printable List!

10 September 2016

It's almost hard to believe that I'll be starting the school year off again in three days and moving back in sooner. That also means these last few days will be full of checking off my list of items to bring back to the dorm with me, and unavoidably forgetting something once I'm there. Even though there a hundreds of posts about what to pack with you for college, I feel like each list always over adds items or even misses a personal touch. So, since I have one year of expertise, I decided to make a dorm-needs checklist that is organized in a way that would have been helpful for me my first time.**

There a couple items I placed in the "OTHER" category, some because I couldn't figure out what category it would fit in better and the others as optional items. Depending on your dorm's style, items like refrigerators and microwave may already be provided, or dining hall meal options for food.
Also, I realized after the first two weeks away, there are still a lot of things I forgot so there will be a part two to the Packing For College.

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