Blogtember: Favorite Instagrammers

14 September 2016

Instagram is probably one of my favorite social media platforms, right behind Pinterest, of course! I like how creative a person can be with just one picture and sometimes the stories that follow under each post. For the Blogtember Challenge, one of the prompts is to share my favorite instagrammers, which I picked out a few below:

I honestly love not only the quality of the photos, but also her quality of stories she has behind each picture. She offers daily reminders of things we find ourselves thinking and overall great encouragement about faith in every post she makes!

@jessbauer & @gabrielconte
I actually found these two on YouTube through a couple of suggested videos, and they are such a cute couple. They also recently got engaged this past weekend, so congrats to the both of them!

I also discovered Kirby via youtube, and the least I can say is she is a ball of fun and light. I love how she's not afraid to talk about things like anxiety and how God has helped through tough moments.

This lady speaks so much truth in the mini-videos she posts for encouragement in our walk with the Lord. I'm always excited when I see her post something new, and always relevant to something I'm experiencing in my life.

I started following kaycerv recently, but I'm inspired by her banner designs and the people she shares about on her travels. 

Who are your favorites to follow on Instagram? 

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