Blogtember: Favorite Instagrammers

14 September 2016

Instagram is probably one of my favorite social media platforms, right behind Pinterest, of course! I like how creative a person can be with just one picture and sometimes the stories that follow under each post. For the Blogtember Challenge, one of the prompts is to share my favorite instagrammers, which I picked out a few below:

I honestly love not only the quality of the photos, but also her quality of stories she has behind each picture. She offers daily reminders of things we find ourselves thinking and overall great encouragement about faith in every post she makes!

@jessbauer & @gabrielconte
I actually found these two on YouTube through a couple of suggested videos, and they are such a cute couple. They also recently got engaged this past weekend, so congrats to the both of them!

I also discovered Kirby via youtube, and the least I can say is she is a ball of fun and light. I love how she's not afraid to talk about things like anxiety and how God has helped through tough moments.

This lady speaks so much truth in the mini-videos she posts for encouragement in our walk with the Lord. I'm always excited when I see her post something new, and always relevant to something I'm experiencing in my life.

I started following kaycerv recently, but I'm inspired by her banner designs and the people she shares about on her travels. 

Who are your favorites to follow on Instagram? 

Simply Grace

12 September 2016

This past week, I don't know why, but I felt defeated, anxious, and regretful. It might be because I'm in a different environment or because of the higher expectations I call on myself. All I can say is simple is I've forgotten grace and how important it is.

"which has come to you, as indeed in the whole world it is bearing fruit and increasing—as it also does among you, since the day you heard it and understood the grace of God in truth," Colossians 1:6

In the college-group at church, our pastor asked a simple question, "what is grace?" I had to backtrack a little in my mind, to remember a year ago when I was revisited with the main points of the gospel, and grace as one of the commonly used Christian buzzwords. I remembered grace in a simple visual as an "undeserved gift", meaning it's not earned not by our works or my deeds. But because of how great God's love is for all of us. 

The moment I remembered what grace means, is also when I forgot those feelings of dissatisfaction in myself and decided to leave them in the past and instead reach out towards this gift of grace and cherish its value and worth. And remember that no matter what I did or thought can never separate me from God's grace, nor earn it.


Playlist Jams #blogtember

11 September 2016

It's only week two of the Blogtember Challenge and I'm already slacking, but I hope you all will forgive me! The topic of this post are song playlist and the type of music I've  been listening to currently. On my Pandora, there are about seven stations I tune in from time to time, depending on my mood. So.. I decided to list a few jams I listen to when I need a little boost.

For Motivation
  • It's Not Over Yet by For King and Country
  • I Dare You to Move by Switchfoot
  • Don't Stop Believing by Journey

For Praise and Worship
  • All the Poor and Powerless by All Sons and Daughters
  • Salt and Light by Lauren Daigle
  • Sinking Deep by Hillsong Young & Free
  • Forever by Kari Jobe
  • No Longer Slaves by Bethel Music

For Rainy Days

For Throwbacks

  • Glory of Love by Peter Cetera
  • The One That You Love by Air Supply
  • You're The Inspiration by Chicago
  • Can't Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon
  • Next Time I Fall In Love by Peter Cetera & Amy Grant

For Anytime


What to Pack for College + Printable List!

10 September 2016

It's almost hard to believe that I'll be starting the school year off again in three days and moving back in sooner. That also means these last few days will be full of checking off my list of items to bring back to the dorm with me, and unavoidably forgetting something once I'm there. Even though there a hundreds of posts about what to pack with you for college, I feel like each list always over adds items or even misses a personal touch. So, since I have one year of expertise, I decided to make a dorm-needs checklist that is organized in a way that would have been helpful for me my first time.**

There a couple items I placed in the "OTHER" category, some because I couldn't figure out what category it would fit in better and the others as optional items. Depending on your dorm's style, items like refrigerators and microwave may already be provided, or dining hall meal options for food.
Also, I realized after the first two weeks away, there are still a lot of things I forgot so there will be a part two to the Packing For College.

Blogtember Introductions

01 September 2016

Can't believe it is already September again, with random weather patterns and waiting for college bookstores to be restocked! But the best part of all is a new year to join in on the Blog-tember Challenge hosted on Love Bailey Jean. Every year, it's been my goal to try to do every prompt even though I know it's hard especially with already balancing college classes daily and extracurriculars (not to mention the journals I'll already be writing.) So this year, I'm giving myself a little grace and will at least attempt posting three prompts a week as a more reachable goal. 

Moving aside, today's topic is introductions which I should be a pro at by now after going through multiple ice breaker activities during welcome week–right? I'm Jem, and I'm a life and faith blogger here on graceboat, which has been running for almost a year and a half. I'm currently a sophomore in college going for a Health Sciences degree, involved in Cru, and a lot of other organizations around campus. And that's a quick 20-sec synopsis of my life. In a more detailed form, here are a couple other details about me:

Movie Genre: Either family comedy or movies with creative ways of expressing deeper meanings (i.e. Narnia, the Hobbit, Studio Ghibli movies)
Candle Scents: Anything sweet, reminiscent of bakery goods and sugar
Outdoor activities: Biking the woods, beach volleyball, nature photography
Indoor activities: Netflix (in honesty), Just Dance, ping-pong/table tennis

Fruits: Bananas, grapes, watermelons
Season: Winter–although I do admire the snow I'm not a fan of negative temperatures and ice

– Been out of the country
– Had my hair done at a salon
– Broken a bone
– Dyed my hair
– Built a snowman
– Had a pet other than a fish


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