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06 August 2016

Hi, this is "blogging” me. “Blogging” me is kinda different than real-life me, at least from my perspective. On graceboat, I feel like I’m more open when expressing opinions that I normally wouldn’t share out loud and my introverted self is less noticable in an online setting. Sometimes I find myself liking the outward appearance I put of me on my blog. 

We, as people, often divide our lives into different aspects whether intentional or unintentional. There is possibly a version of you when you're around your family, when you're with friends at school, maybe church. And sometimes you wear yourself out from creating these characters––which I believe isn't what we were made to be. We shouldn't feel like we need to divide ourselves for other people (or even for us), to form different identities. No, we are called to place our identity in what did not, does not, and will never change, which is Jesus Christ. It's something I've struggled with for years now, where I have some seasons in life that are easier to trade in masks than others. But I'm learning that what I should put forth in the world should be Him alive in me.
–– Jem

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