5 Tips for College Orientation

12 July 2016

Summertime is the season to relax, hang out with friends, and complain everyday about the hot weather is outside while on the run for ice cream. For those making the transition  between high school and college, it might be a little more complicated. It's the time to start planning out your schedule for the fall (and sometimes spring), finding a new group of friends, trying to avoid getting lost on campus, and much more! But, college orientation doesn't have to be seem overwhelming if you take it one step at a time, and be prepared for a couple things throughout the day, you'll be fine.

1 | Be there on time
This may be simple in thought, but really... especially if you're not familiar with campus already. The university might have a designated parking lot for orientation day visitors, so make sure you can figure out how to get there, and how to leave to get on the road back home! Calculate the extra time you'll need for parking, because others just like you will be looking for parking. It might be a hectic day depending on how large your school is or if there are days of orientation.

2 | Bring snacks
After listening to the opening address, doing a  few icebreaker activities, it's possible to start feeling restless or a little hungry. Some schools provide little snacks when you first walk in, so grab a few before you're seated or bring a soft snack that won't make a lot of noise (i.e. chips, apples...).

3 | Meet someone new but don't feel pressured
The icebreakers are a little awkward at first, but as you continue throughout the day, there will hopefully be one person you click with––if not, it's not the end of your journey to making new friends in college. Once school-mode actually starts you'll be mingling with upperclassmen and students who made later decisions in the college search.

4 | Ask questions
If you're not as outspoken like me, write down the questions to ask either your admissions counselor or another student later. It will help you prepare for could be coming up next and a question to be answered later.

5 | The dining hall
At last, it's half-way throught the day and at the most important part of the day! The dining hall, the food court, or other names for your university's food area. The only advice I have on this topic is enjoy it while it lasts. It'll taste great during orientation, the first week..., the first day of the second week.. then you'll really have the chance to experience true dining hall food on the daily.

–– Jem


  1. YES! Just went to my orientation and completely agree on these tips!! Great post.

    1. Thanks! Hope you enjoyed orientation and are excited for your first semester! :)


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