Nineteen Blessings

28 June 2016

It's crazy to think that I'm already writing about being nineteen, after my Eighteen Blessings post from a year ago. My last year as a 'teen' has arrived, although I'll continue to keep dreaming about adventures to Neverland and snuggling with my teddies while I still can! The journey to becoming nineteen wasn't an easy trip, but I've learned a lot that I can't wait to share in future posts. For now, here is a list of 19 blessings from this year (there are way more that can be listed) that share a little about me. Also, shout out to my sweet friend who baked the beautiful cake in the pictures above from yesterday's celebration.

1. I have a Heavenly Father who cares for me even when I make mistakes 
2. Being able to afford college without any student loans 
3. The amazing friends I've kept and made this year 
4. Moving into my own room at home
5. Oregon chai lattes from the café across from campus—duh!

6. The gift of creativity, flowing from my mind into all the things I do, think, and feel
7. Legs to jump and arms to reach, eyes to see, and a heart that beats
8. Someone who's there to lean on when I'm having a rough day
9. The people who challenged me and led to my growth
10. Being able to fellowship in a community of believers

11. Being able to go on a STM in Inner-city Chicago
12. The creation of gifs
13. Last minute runs-with-friends to Mitchell's ice cream or frozen yogurt
14. Female role-models who are living for God
15. Times of recluse when life gets a lil' cray

16. Being okay with an uncertain, unpredictable future
17. Solo praise and worship nights
18. Girl time!
19. Moments of joy and peace

–– Jem

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