Unhook, Re-Anchor

28 April 2016

For the past two weeks now, I've been feeling disconnected from God. And the feelings of shame, regret, and fear are starting to creep in––I can tell. These feelings are causing me to stumble in other areas of my life, kinda of beating down on me while I struggle to stand up again.

I felt lost.

It's a painful feeling, like when you feel like something is wrong when you start to get a cold, but then every medication you use to try to relieve symptoms still isn't fixing the problem. The sickness is still there, and you still feeling exhausted. It wasn't until today I decided to take a break from all the school work I still need to do and unhook myself from the constant moving tides, which I'm so glad I did. I definitely needed to spend time with God: quality time. With a busy college schedule it's not easy, but it is necessary and a struggle I'm not alone in. There were three videos I watched this past afternoon to help me see that, and realize that in the end, God is who I need to talk to and spending more time with Him and centering myself on his word is what I've been missing lately. Especially relating to Shannon's video: when you're not anchored in the Word, saying hurtful things or acting ungodly comes easy.

But, I know now and remember I need to re-anchor.

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