Holiday Hanging Joy Banner

16 December 2015

In light of the holiday breeze, I wanted to share a decorative DIY project! Since I happened to pick up a few extra supplies from the craft store, I decided to do something creative and came up with this holiday themed banner. There is not a lot to gather for this project and much of the materials used can be substituted for another. 

1 - 4 
Materials used: measuring tape, scissors, 9in x 12in felt sheet, a black marker, pencil, washi tape, string, and (hot) glue. Optional: Christmas tunes!

These steps include preparing the actual pentagon banner shape. I first cut the felt into two parts hamburger-style, which was harder to cut than I thought it would be. Next, make a dot at the center of the shorter side of the felt. The black lines on the larger picture show the measurements/ angles to make a pendant shape. The proportion 2in x 3.5in will vary depending on the size of your sheet.

5 - 8 
Here is where you can personalize your banner to your liking. Instead of printing and pasting the word "Joy", I wanted to bedazzle it a bit with washi tape. To add string to hang your banner, flip it to the backside and glue it down either connecting from the two corners or in a triangle formation. 

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