5. Confidence

25 December 2015

First, I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

From looking at the title of this post, you're probably thinking, "How does confidence fit under a series with a theme of sailing on a boat, on God's quest?" and especially in the holiday season.

This year has been one of the most life-changing years I've had in my life–scratch that–the most life changing year. And I thought senior year of high school was the point at which everything would slow down in climax and start to calm down, but I was so very wrong. The transition from being dependent minor to becoming an "adult" is an rough one and an important one. For many people, it's the start of the college years (like myself), living away from home, or earning money for themselves (possibly all three). Whichever the case, you are becoming more individualistic and choosing what your ideal lifestyle. You can stay up as late as you like, eat your favorite dish everyday if you want, and travel wherever you'd like without having to rest the ultimate decision to your parents. Any decision now is based on what you bank your confidence in, which can lead to many mistakes.

It's kinda interesting, the whole notion of the word confidence. Based on a person's appearance or actions we say, "she has so much confidence" or "he's so confident". The pressure that something good will come out of having confidence makes it seem as though it's an object that can be placed in our hands. I wouldn't want to be responsible for holding onto my own confidence, at the rate I lose my phone on the daily, my confidence would go missing every hour! This now leads me into what true confidence is and what it should be.

Confidence = Trusting in the truths of what Lord has done, is doing presently in your life, and the greatness of all He will do through His will.

It's not by chance that I bolded the words "His will". If we don't place our confidence in God, then it's through our own will, our desires and intentions that may not be what's best. I want to be confident in what is true and just all the time, and God is the one who has always been there, Jesus as the living proof of his love and the glory of the works he does in each of our lives when we are confident in him. That is when no matter the storm our vessel is sailing through, we have confidence in our destination, our mission, and purpose–to serve the eternal King!

Holiday Hanging Joy Banner

16 December 2015

In light of the holiday breeze, I wanted to share a decorative DIY project! Since I happened to pick up a few extra supplies from the craft store, I decided to do something creative and came up with this holiday themed banner. There is not a lot to gather for this project and much of the materials used can be substituted for another. 

1 - 4 
Materials used: measuring tape, scissors, 9in x 12in felt sheet, a black marker, pencil, washi tape, string, and (hot) glue. Optional: Christmas tunes!

These steps include preparing the actual pentagon banner shape. I first cut the felt into two parts hamburger-style, which was harder to cut than I thought it would be. Next, make a dot at the center of the shorter side of the felt. The black lines on the larger picture show the measurements/ angles to make a pendant shape. The proportion 2in x 3.5in will vary depending on the size of your sheet.

10 Tips I've Learned in College

07 December 2015

As the first semester of my freshman is coming to a close, I thought I should make a list of things I've learned so far in college. These relate to things I wish I knew in high school while applying and things I'm still learning as I continue on!

1. Use the stairs when it's possible. It saves you waiting time and waiting for people who actually need to use it.
2. Learn how to master 10 minute power-naps. They will come in handy.
3. This is more of a personal one, but Thursday's always seem to be the best days. You're almost at the weekend! :)
4. Sometimes the dining hall decides to get creative with their food selection–this is your chance to try something different. You never know what may become your new favorite dish!
5. There is no such thing as free time. What I mean by free time is time spent staring into dead space. Why do that when you could be doing fun things with friends, starting a project that's due in two weeks, studying for that test at the end of this week, sorting laundry, decorating your dorm, or taking personal time away from the worries of school and reading a devotional or your bible.

6. Don't be discouraged if you get a C on your first test. College and high school are two entirely different systems, so it's OK. It becomes a problem if you don't learn to rebound quickly, learn from your mistakes, and get help when you know you need it.
7. You'll have different friend groups, which is expected because of all the different groups you'll be engaged with. Try to stay clear of drama when you see it–the best part about college is if you have a problem with someone, it's easier to avoid 1 out of the other 10,000+ people you see on campus.
8. There are textbooks that will literally collect dust over the course of the semester. I would advise asking around as you meet new people or checking on Ratemyprofessor to see if the course material is really necessary or your friends could chip in money to all share one book.
9. A calendar, planner, and schedule are things you will need. And as an aside to that note, make sure you buy one that you will want to use (aesthetically pleasing). I remember ditching my old planner because it wasn't fun or colorful.
10. College is a time that really tests your faith in a variety of ways. I'll be making a post on this topic hopefully soon, so be on the lookout!

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