4. Mirage

21 October 2015

"Within the distance I could see something so faint, but enchanting. Could this be it? At closer glance my hopes were gone, my desires crushed."

I'm finally back to writing something new for the Voyager series, which excites me! From being in a new environment, I feel like there will be a lot of things to take note and inspire me when writing the next steps of this adventure.

The scene I'm describing above is referring to a mirage in the process of our moving vessel, where we are being put to the test. There are times where we drift off course and begin to center our attention on something other than God. In other words, we face an idol.

I'll let you all in on a little secret: I didn't exactly know that an idol doesn't have to be a physical object until later on in my high school years. I thought 'idol' meant  praying to a huge golden calf or another God. Eventually I did learn that's not true. One of my Cru leaders phrased what an idol is  in a question somewhat like this: "if that 'thing' was taken away from you, would feel like your purpose is lost or you couldn't function?" It's easy to say, "I could give up x, y, and z, without any problem," but what about our bare staples? Friends, family, or love?

Once something goes wrong, or this "thing" our heart desires goes away, one of two things can happen. We could possibly drift away from God and harden our hearts, or tighten our sails and let God be the center. Let's stay on course.

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