My 5 Favorite Bloggers

25 September 2015

The Blog-tember theme of today (yesterday) are favorite blogs and regular reads, so here's a shout of to some of my regular reads!

Life as a Dare -
I check Rebecca's blog every single day, multiple times because I love reading what she has to say! Her blog is a lifestyle blog, but she also talks about faith and college tips. Definitely give her blog a read!

Heavens to Betsy -
Betsy's blog always has something great to say whether it's she is sharing a fun new recipes or linking up with other gals. The Peony Project is a group she started to build a community for girls (no matter the age) of Facebook, which I'm happy to be a part of!

The fashion and lifestyle posts at Toyosi's blog always keep me coming back to read more. It's cool that we're about the same age, and going through similar experiences since we both started college this fall. 

Awkward Girls -
Lauren's blog has been inactive lately, but this doesn't stop me from calling Awkward Girls one of my favorite blogs. Some days, I like to go back and look at old posts and work my way through to more recent ones. All her content is fun and interesting to me!

It's Just Raquel -
Raquel, formally known as God's Daughter, is an amazing writer, and truly inspiring in her faith. She always has something insightful to tell her readers about and starts a conversation!

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