My 5 Favorite Bloggers

25 September 2015

The Blog-tember theme of today (yesterday) are favorite blogs and regular reads, so here's a shout of to some of my regular reads!

Life as a Dare -
I check Rebecca's blog every single day, multiple times because I love reading what she has to say! Her blog is a lifestyle blog, but she also talks about faith and college tips. Definitely give her blog a read!

Heavens to Betsy -
Betsy's blog always has something great to say whether it's she is sharing a fun new recipes or linking up with other gals. The Peony Project is a group she started to build a community for girls (no matter the age) of Facebook, which I'm happy to be a part of!

The fashion and lifestyle posts at Toyosi's blog always keep me coming back to read more. It's cool that we're about the same age, and going through similar experiences since we both started college this fall. 

Awkward Girls -
Lauren's blog has been inactive lately, but this doesn't stop me from calling Awkward Girls one of my favorite blogs. Some days, I like to go back and look at old posts and work my way through to more recent ones. All her content is fun and interesting to me!

It's Just Raquel -
Raquel, formally known as God's Daughter, is an amazing writer, and truly inspiring in her faith. She always has something insightful to tell her readers about and starts a conversation!


23 September 2015

“Ticket, please.”
A girl fumbles around her pockets for a few seconds before looking at ticketmaster with guilt-full eyes; she didn’t have one. She had originally told her friend she didn’t want to go to the fair. It was “silly and childish” to her. Her other friends told her it would be a waste of time. But, the way people looked as they entered intrigued the girl. Those entering appeared excited and longed to go inside. Everyone had received a personalized ticket, but her friends’ comments convinced her to throw it in the trash along with their own. “Never mind. The man ahead paid for your ticket.” She lifted her head confused by what the ticket man had just said. He opened the gates, and she saw a wondrous sight.  There, He said, “Welcome.”


21 September 2015

Happy Blogtember day 21! Today's topic is guilty pleasures, which was a lot harder to think of a list than I thought it would be... Most of the time, these are the things we happen to do without thinking., so I had zone in on my weird obsessions! I'm not sure if the things on this list are what counts, but here are some of my guilty pleasures:

Clam Chowder
It's official, I love, L.O.V.E. Clam Chowder! If you say the words "Clam Chowder" within a 50 feet radius of me, I will probably hear you and my soup senses will start tingling!

Bath & Body Works Scents
How can something smell that good other than food–I mean really! There are days when I need a quick pick me up, and Bath and Body Works scents are the way to go. My top favorites so far include Mango Tango, Winter Wonderland, and Hawaii. I'm more of a sugary-sweet scent lover!

From warm sweaters to clinking tea cups, fall is my second favorite season (slowly becoming my first–it's a process). I can't wait to decorate my dorm with orange tones, leaves, and gold accents. Stay tuned for pictures with the changing weather...

Resisting to pin the latest "one-mug" recipe or a cute, new hairstyle is futile. Pinterest literally has everything on their sites making it very addicting. The guilty pleasure part is how long I stay online pinning things I have yet to do!

Share any of the same guilty pleasures? Leave a comment with yours!


It's still September, and I've wanted to do the 2015 Blog-tember Challenge all month long! College has kept me busy which also made my post less frequent in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll find a way to balance both coursework and blogging-life. For now, I'm skipping through only a couple of the topics on the amazing list Bailey Jean made, since I'm short on days.

Today I'm sharing the first 10 songs that play on my playlist:

We Are One Tonight by Switchfoot
Over the Rainbow by Ingrid Michaelson
Pompeii by Bastille
Pegate by Grupo Treo
This is Your Life by Switchfoot
Lord, I Need You by Matt Mayer
There is None Like You by Lenny LeBlanc
Super Trouper by ABBA
This is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham
When I Go Down by Relient K

The genres of music I mainly listen are represented pretty well by this shuffle! From CCM, indie-pop, Pop Latino, to 80s jams. What are some of your favorite music genres or songs?

My First Experience With Cru

09 September 2015

Moving is probably the only word that can really complete my experience I had yesterday ago with my first Cru Worship meeting. The fact that you're not alone in a big sea of people, and may feel the same as you is encouraging and a form of bonding. From the music to the amazing team leaders and people I met, there is only more to look forward to.

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