T-Minus Three Days

20 August 2015

I feel excited, anxious, ambitious, worried, and a whole lot of other emotions for the events coming up in the next couple of days. I'm starting college finally after the infamous four-square playing days of elementary school, sliding through the middle school halls to avoid bullies, and surviving the long hours of band camp during high school. Looking back I have to say, it doesn't seem all too bad considering the new waters I'm about to tread. 

College. A place with sooo many decisions, I mean think about it. You get to choose what classes to take, when you can take them, there's no curfew, you're living away from home with strangers at first glance. And this is what makes me worried...While this section of life may be the first time they are experiencing no-strings-attached freedom and anticipating so much out of it, there will be muddy waters. Becoming eighteen doesn't magically make individuals who were considered minors a couple of months all of a sudden wiser and responsible adults. There will be mistakes or conflicts that will arise (not may) and I'll need to be honest through faith. It'll be scary at times, but knowing that my heavenly Father is watching over and protecting me, family and friends will pray for me, and me praying for others in the same boat as me won't sink.

"How firm, our foundation. How sure, our salvation. And we will not be shaken. Jesus, firm foundation." 

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