Friendship Problems


Most of the time we hear about the negatives about having long-distance friends and the positives of having nearby buddies, but how about the other way around? Today, I wanted to write some fun little blurbs about the pros and cons in both relationships (these can be applied to family and dating). The thought on making this post dawned on me this morning, while I was texting with a friend back and forth this morning (who is long-distance). 

Long Distance Cons
"Want to know what sounds really great right about now? Hanging out with...Oh. I forgot (s)he lives 300 miles away." This is the conversation that plays out in my mind before the sudden realization that sometimes it sucks that all my friends don't live nearby. Sure I could send them a text every once in a while, but it's not the same. 

Short Distance Pros
The best part about having someone within close proximity is the fact that they're available for a good chunk of time. Feel like going to the zoo on the weekend or watching the newest summer comedy in theaters? This friend has got you covered, and can make time to even carpool with you.

Long Distance Pros

There is always something new to talk about, literally everyday if you wanted! Since you may not see each other often, get creative. Maybe write a letter, make a group chat, or have a Skype date with one another. I know I'll be using a couple of those this fall during college...

Short Distance Cons
I guess I could hang out with (insert name here) again.. It's not that we don't have fun with the friends we see often. Sometimes people need space or need to meet new people. If you don't get out of your comfort zone a little bit, how will you discover better destinations and become acquainted with unique individuals? 

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