3. The Crew


I feel as though "the crew" is probably one of the most important pieces after having a firm foundation aside from the basics. These are the people who should be the ones in the good times or the bad.
From first hand experience, I always longed to be a part of the activities my church's youth group had planned, but I was never able to go. Either it was too far away or my parents were too tired from work. I felt like I was missing something when I joined everyone for regular Sunday morning worship and distanced from the group. In all honesty, I had very few friends and barely any at church for a couple of years. I sat by myself, and would leave right after class ended. I felt miserable. I was missing something in my life and I found out what.

True Mates
Until I moved up with the college section a couple of weeks ago, this word was another amongst the millions of others. The word simply means, "friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests," but in Christ its meaning goes deeper. Not only are we fellows in faith, but also in life  and what we do outside the physical structure of the church. Fellowship is coming together through faith to guide each other and to be there when our sails are tattered requiring repairs (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12). Call me naive, but fellowship roots to the core, which can be a hit or miss with friendship. Where had this been all these years?!

The Anchors
These are the people you rather not take on your voyage. To easily identify these individuals, look at the people who you may have lost contact with for good reasons. Maybe they were weighing you down or holding you back from your goals like an anchor. For this friend it might be time to say goodbye or reevaluate your friendship which is not an easy decision (Matthew 5:30). I'll admit, I used to be a people pleaser myself, causing me more stress and problems that weren't necessary. In high school seemed harder to pick and choose friends, but now I'm moving on to college and there will be endless opportunities to meet people and I need to be strong and keep praying that I'll find "the crew" in my search.

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Shout to the North

Today, I wanted to do something fun and different, so why not free wallpapers? All four are lined up below. To Save:
1.Left click to bring image to full size
2. Right click on image and select "Save Image As..."
3. Click "Save"and done!


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Friendship Problems


Most of the time we hear about the negatives about having long-distance friends and the positives of having nearby buddies, but how about the other way around? Today, I wanted to write some fun little blurbs about the pros and cons in both relationships (these can be applied to family and dating). The thought on making this post dawned on me this morning, while I was texting with a friend back and forth this morning (who is long-distance). 

Long Distance Cons
"Want to know what sounds really great right about now? Hanging out with...Oh. I forgot (s)he lives 300 miles away." This is the conversation that plays out in my mind before the sudden realization that sometimes it sucks that all my friends don't live nearby. Sure I could send them a text every once in a while, but it's not the same. 

Short Distance Pros
The best part about having someone within close proximity is the fact that they're available for a good chunk of time. Feel like going to the zoo on the weekend or watching the newest summer comedy in theaters? This friend has got you covered, and can make time to even carpool with you.

Long Distance Pros

There is always something new to talk about, literally everyday if you wanted! Since you may not see each other often, get creative. Maybe write a letter, make a group chat, or have a Skype date with one another. I know I'll be using a couple of those this fall during college...

Short Distance Cons
I guess I could hang out with (insert name here) again.. It's not that we don't have fun with the friends we see often. Sometimes people need space or need to meet new people. If you don't get out of your comfort zone a little bit, how will you discover better destinations and become acquainted with unique individuals? 

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Smell The Free Air


"Jesus said, 'You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.'"
John 8:31-32

Happy Fourth of July, America (and late-Happy Canada Day)! Today's topic resonates with the theme of one of this country's favorite words: freedom. While I could continue on a long tangent why freedom is a great thing and get super patriotic about it, I'm not. What I will say is this:

Freedom is a gift from God, where we can make choices that can lead to greater experiences or pave the way to harder circumstances. This means we have to be cautious in what we do and pray that what we decide is what God wants us to do. More often people are using their freedoms to add to the fall of others around them, instead of an opportunity to put work towards good use. But remember, no matter if a "wrong or right choice" is made, there is a greater truth that even freedom needs to abide.

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