2. Charting a Route

11 June 2015

There are many ways to begin, which makes it kind of hard to know where to start. A wise choice would be to start from the actual beginning, although starting elsewhere isn't wrong either. The most important part is making it to the end.

I highly recommend starting from the beginning of the Bible, whether it is your first time reading it through or it has been a while. The book of Genesis lays the foundation from the beginning.

Daily Devotionals
These are very helpful no matter what point you are at in your voyage. If you attend a church, try looking in their bookshop if there is one. If not, there are apps like She Reads Truth available with free daily devotionals. 

I want to later on expand on this point in another post, but baptism is an "affirmation of faith". I'm not a pastor so, the best person to ask about this could be your parents, a pastor, or a friend in Christ.

Friends in Faith
Having other people around you who share a common goal or idea is really beneficial to your journey. They should be people who will be there even when times aren't good and your troubles may be overwhelming. Also, it is helpful if a couple of your friends are around the same age group as you, because there are problems everyone will face sooner or later and need help overcoming. (This point is one I'll be expanding on later.)

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